Who are we? We are Hannah and Jamie. We are two friends who have been through the hurricanes of life and learned how to find peace amidst the storms. We are here to share our journey to finding the tools WE needed to find and experience more genuine peace.

What tools did we find?




-sound therapy


-living mindfully

& more!

And what have we gained by incorporating these into our lives? 

A greater awareness of intuition.  An expanded ability to perceive guidance along each step of our life's journey.  A trust and a knowing that we are here for a reason, and part of a bigger plan...it's just easy to forget this when we are navigating life with these thick, heavy human bodies.  Our bodies are our vehicles here on earth.  They are beautiful, sensitive, filled with miracles, and perfect for our purpose...but they are also a form of a veil.  A veil that causes our soul to forget much of the knowledge we knew at one point. ​

The best news is, we can ALL tap into this knowledge by becoming still and quiet. By not living in auto-pilot, and reacting to every trigger that comes our way.  By becoming mindful of ourselves, our breath, and what WE need to be the best version of ourselves. And often (usually!) the fire and turmoil we go through is the EXACT thing that sets us onto our path to enlightenment, peace and purpose.

We offer yoga classes, various workshops (in person and online), and we share some of the highlights on our instagram page.  Thank you for being here and we hope you follow us on our journey!

"If you were a grown adult coming to this world - everything would be neutral in the beginning. You’d see everything with wonder and awe.  You’d have no judgement. Over time, and becoming conditioned to the dynamics of society, you'd start to compare things and yourself.

Why do we go from laughing, wonder and awe to comparison, jealousy, anger and self-hatred? We'll explore this question with our

Soul Self Discussions."

Hannah & Jamie